Art by George B. Mattingly

"Jesus is in your Boat"

FRESH OFF THE EASEL...... (the newest art!)

 "Setting sun on Hayes Road, Barkhamstead"

"Softly the evening came with the sunset."  --Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A return visit to the road where a similar but sunny daytime view had caught my attention this past spring again provided a perfect subject and scene for a painting.

Oil on linen    11"x 14"   December 2021


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"Leaf Study"

"Art is the flower...Life the green leaf." --Charles Rennie MacKintosh

One of my first studies that focused on a particular subject; a watercolor leaf study was done in 2018 as I was getting back into painting.

Watercolor 8"x20" Sept. 2018


"We are proud owners of an original Mattingly. We love the painting and we are thrilled for you."

Robert Hugh / "The Stone Wall"

"The water is wonderful."

Deborah Leonard / "Deer Isle, Maine"

"Beautiful pooch. Beautiful portrait."

Keith McCarthy / "Roxy at Salmon Brook"

"...stayed at Deer Isle, renting a home for a week. Simply gorgeous views, and you've captured one perfectly."

Ralph Faris/"Sunset, Penobscot Bay, ME"

"Who would think to do a parking lot and then have it look so magical? Well, George, you did it again!

Linda Kerr/Walmart Parking Lot Sunset"